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What makes a wedding special? Well you both of course!

I'm there to capture the day as it unfolds but I know first hand that being in front of the camera can feel strange. I love all of the candid moments but I'll be there to guide you with prompts if you're not feeling comfortable with the camera! Take a look at these down below for some of my favorite prompts.

I like to give prompts instead of poses to create movement. I feel it also allows you both to not feel stiff and get more relaxed.

This has to be my favorite prompt! I like to tell my couples to pretend they are running away from me. This one is perfect especially if you are running towards the reception! 

Playing with the veil creates beautiful movement without you having to do the work. Whether you both are under it or I'm throwing it up, we are guaranteed to have dreamy shots.

Get Silly
You finally made it to your wedding day, so no more stressing! This is the time to have fun with your love and truly enjoy the day. I know that having serious photos and some video is good but I promise the shots of you both laughing and being silly are the best!


Every couple is unique, which means your wedding video should reflect that! I've found that documenting the true reactions and intimate emotions is the best way to tell your love story. I'll be a fly on the wall during your wedding and capture the moments between the poses.

Rosie Day Productions NC based wedding videographer

Ready to capture your love story?

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